Lamborghini touting "green" aspect of their new Gallardo LP560-4

A look at the Lamborghini category here on AutoblogGreen will show that, besides this posting, five of the eight posts were regarding the Italian stallion's horrible emissions, fuel mileage or both. The other three were in regards to Lamborghini's recognition that they must improve their environmental impace, whether they want to or not. So, it comes as little surprise to see that the company is touting the greener aspect of their newest creation, the Gallardo LP560-4. While nobody would truly consider the vehicle green in any meaningful way, they did manage to improve the fuel economy of the machine from a dismal 14 miles per gallon to a still rather horrible 17 mpg. Additionally, the carbon emissions of the vehicle have improved 18 percent, although the 325 grams of carbon dioxide that it emits now can hardly be classified as low.

Lamborghini themselves realize the fact that they are fighting an uphill battle, with chief executive Stephan Winkelmann admitting, "Being a supersports car is all about accelerating and top speed. If you want to go fast, you consume, and if you consume, you have emissions. You will never come to the average emissions of the average car." Is anybody else thinking of Tesla right about now?

[Source: International Herald Tribune via TTAC]

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