AMG considering direct injection, stop/start engines by 2012. Hybrids? Maybe

From time to time, technology has the ability to both improve the specific power output of an engine while also reducing its emissions. Such is the case with direct injection, so we are not surprised to hear that the high-performance tuning arm of Mercedes Benz, AMG, has decided to implement it on their line of engines. Another possible performance-generating and emissions-reducing technology lies with the electric motor, which makes up half of a hybrid drivetrain. While the idea of an AMG hybrid may sound odd at first, remember that electric motors can offer up large quantities of torque just off idle, allowing engineers to make a free-breathing, high-RPM engine without sacrificing around-town drivability.

While stop/start technology does not improve performance, it is an easy-to-implement technology which will further reduce the emissions while increasing the fuel efficiency of whatever car it is applied to. So, AMG is also considering fitment of this hybrid-staple as well. These types of inclusions will likely saturate the performance market soon enough as these automakers will be forced to comply with the same regulations as their lesser-performing counterparts. If AMG does decide to go green, expect to see the fruits of their labor around the year 2012 or so.


[Source: Inside Line]

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