We first brought up the topic of a diesel-powered AMG Mercedes last April after the New York Auto Show. Now on the heels of the Audi R8 V-12 TDI in Detroit, the story is back. AMG is the in-house tuning arm of Mercedes-Benz that installs over-sized, over-powered engines into the Stuttgart machines and adds suspension, brake and visual aids to match the output. According to AutoExpress, AMG is very close to pulling the trigger on a diesel engine. In AMGs hands the Mercedes-Benz 4.0L V-8 with 320 hp and 538 ft-lbs of torque would be the likely starting point. Something approaching the 700+lb-ft of torque in the R8 would probably be the target. With new CO2 standards coming in the EU, Mercedes will surely be loathe to give up the profits the AMG models surely generate and this would definitely be a way to do it without sacrificing much, if any, performance.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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