ICE Touch: British customers get trick entertainment system in Lexus RX

We think Lexus has struck the right balance with the sweetest in-car entertainment system yet. Called ICE (In Car Entertainment), the pair of eight-inch widescreen WVGA monitors protrude out of the back of the two front seats and feature an integrated slot-loading DVD in each, plus RCA inputs, USB ports and SD card slots. The attractive mounting also provides shock protection so discs don't skip over rough pavement or – perish the thought – off road terrain. A disc loaded into one can even be played on both monitors so both kids rear-seat passengers can watch the same Spongebob disc and listen through the included infrared wireless headphones.

The ICE system replaces the ceiling-mounted drop-down screen on the current RX350 and RX400h crossovers. Unfortunately, the system costs the equivalent of an extra $4,300 on all trim levels, except the top-of-the-line SE-L that has them included. Even worse, the system is only available in the UK... at the moment. But we'd expect that sufficient demand for the pricey accessory would bring it Stateside faster than you can say "luxury crossover-utility vehicle".

[Source: Carscoop]

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