CO2 figures are ok, but do they reflect car production cycles?

The ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) has issued a note against the EU's plans to tax high carbon-producing industries and products. There is a proposal in the EU that would force automakers to pay 95 EUR per excess gram of CO2 per car. This would price a ton of CO2 emitted by cars at up to 475 EUR, more than in any other industrial sector.
According to the ACEA, the problem is that the timeframe for the industry to adapt to the new rule is too short: up to 60 percent of the 2012 models are already in the development or even production process, which makes it impossible for the auto industry to reach the proposed goals in a timely manner.

ACEA also believes that the CO2 legislation should also take into consideration not only the pure carbon figures but other innovations the industry is implementing such as gearshift indicators, tire-pressure indicators, more efficient car lights, engine and transmission management. These innovations are likely to be included in further legislation that will be introduced in June but ACEA is afraid that the EU will restrict the fields in which they should work. Most automakers believe that a global approach to reduce CO2 should be followed, regardless of technology.

[Source: ACEA]

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