European CO2 debate just getting started

U.S. and European Union lawmakers made important legislative decisions late last year. In the U.S., the CAFE rules got hammered out and in the EU, the European Commission decided on some CO2 laws. While these are both just steps along the way to cleaner vehicles, Automotive News Europe's Jason Stein is pretty convinced that the European CO 2debate is really just beginning.
Stein writes that the once-united voice of the auto industry (courtesy of the ACEA, the European auto manufacturers association, is splintering into an every-manufacturer-for-itself shouting match. We've already seen Porsche make its case for an exemption from the rules, and if one goes others will follow. In the broader scheme of things, we're starting to see questions about devilish details like tires. The EU is also trying to figure out carbon capture rules and just where the line is between CO2 and safety. I'm going to agree with Stein here. This discussion is nowhere near settled.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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