Euro carmakers welcome study on CO2 limits

As might be expected, European car-makers aren't thrilled about the prospect of mandatory CO2 emissions limits replacing voluntary limits in the next few years. They have asked, and Environment ministers of EU member countries have agreed, that impact studies be done on the proposed limit of 130g/km from cars by 2012. The voluntary level had been 140g/km by 2008 but car-makers are currently averaging 160g/km.

The ministers had a meeting where they asked for the assessment of the costs and effects of the new limits but they didn't reach any agreement on how the limits should be assigned to carmakers. Presumably some are pushing to let certain manufacturers have higher limits while others get lower limits with the overall fleet average hitting 130g/km. If that were to happen it would certainly take a lot of pressure off of lower volume makers of high performance vehicles like Porsche and Ferrari. If they were to do implement something like this, the limits should definitely be graduated based on sales, so that Porsche with sales of 100,000 units would have a lower limit than Ferrari with sales of 5,000. Regardless of the final formula, all the car-makers need to reduce emissions.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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