VW's up! might be renamed Lupo in 2011

The trio of Up! concepts foretell Volkswagen's re-entry into the ultra-affordable transportation business, and the interweb car lovers at World Car Fans may have cracked the name code of the cute mini. While Up! is catchy and adorable, the Germans may be playing mind games here, just like when the IROC concept became the Scirocco. The middle two letters of the currently defunct Lupo subcompact are obviously "up." Very clever, we guess.

World Car Fans also penned the production date to be 2011, with a potential grand entrance at the Frankfurt Motor Show. VW has already announced that the Up! will be produced in India, and the factory is expected to come on line by 2012. Both the three door Up! and roomier Space Up! will be produced, along with a possible miniature "off-road" version. We're all for really cheap, rear-engined cars that get phenomenal fuel economy arriving on our shores, but we may only get the larger van version because we're fat.

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[Source: World Car Fans]

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