VW up! van could come to U.S. because we're fat

click above image to view more pics of the VW Space up! Concept

That's right, Volkswagen thinks Americans are fat. At least that's what we take away from comments made by executives indicating that the second and larger up! concept that debuted last week at the Tokyo Motor Show could be sold in the U.S. because it's larger than the first one that debuted in Frankfurt. The first up! concept was a small three-door hatch, and by small we mean very small. The Space up! meanwhile is like a small four-door minivan of the concept on a longer chassis. Basically, we hear VW saying that the smaller three-door hatch version just wouldn't play well with our pudgy selves. That said, the up! van isn't a sure thing either, as VW states it will take the next three months to evaluate whether or not to produce a lineup of rear-engine up! vehicles. One last test for the cars will be in mid-November at the LA Auto Show where a third concept will be revealed. This one, likely to have an equally silly name, will be powered entirely by electricity.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]

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