Schumacher shuts the door on MotoGP rumors

Rumors of Michael Schumacher racing on two wheels in the MotoGP series have been bouncing around like a Ferrari-red rubber ball. First came the initial speculation, coupled with denials from both MotoGP and Ducati, the team for whom the retired F1 champ was rumored to ride. The rumor-mill was set a-churnin' again, however, when Schumacher's longtime manager Willi Weber responded that "anything is possible".

The runaway speculation, however, has been emphatically put to rest as Schumacher himself has outright denied the possibility. "It is an absolute lie. At the most, I can race on a scooter." Well there you have it – case closed. Schumacher will compete next season in the International Vespa Championship. Or maybe he meant on a Ferrari Segway? (Yes, we are joking.)

[Source: F1-Live, Photo by DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty]

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