"I'm not a Pimp!" Manager Willi Weber sues Business F1 magazine

In case we've ever accused anyone of prostitution, drug running, racketeering or anything, we here at Autoblog would like to go on the record as saying we were just kidding. So please, don't sue us. And we're so not hiring this dude from Business F1 magazine.

The staple publication for anyone and everyone professionally involved in the grand prix racing, Business F1, has lost yet another libel lawsuit, this time against Michael Schumacher's manager Willi Weber. The mag ran a story back in 2005 alleging that Weber had his hands in prostitution and drug running, which of course is only true if you consider Schumi's lucrative endorsement deals to be prostitution.

We say "yet another" because, if you can believe it, Business F1 has already lost two libel suits to former Jaguar Racing principal Tony Purnell and to FIA consultant Alan Donnelly, not to mention the two cases still pending with F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting and FIA PR guy Richard Woods.

The exact sum the publisher has to pay to Weber is not disclosed, but sources indicate he was seeking $180k, plus legal fees incurred. Friendly piece of advice for the guys over at Business F1: maybe consider stop printing libel? Just maybe. Think about it.

[Source: GrandPrix.com]

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