Rumormill: Schumacher to race in MotoGP?

We enjoyed the 2007 Formula One season, down, as it came, to the last race in a three-way heat with the third-place driver ultimately taking the title. But part of us misses Michael Schumacher, even if his five consecutive back-to-back world titles cast a heavy and at times monotonous shadow over the sport. That's why we love bringing you stories about what Schumi's been up to since his retirement, and there's been plenty to report.

Now, after driving taxicabs, launching his own karting team, rejecting offers to head up Scuderia Ferrari, and fighting for victory at the Race of Champions, the latest rumors suggest that Schumacher could try his hand at motorcycle racing. The reports originate from French sports newspaper L'Equipe, which cites the world champion's previous two tests for Ducati (title-sponsored, like Ferrari, by Marlboro) and reports of Schumacher's reps visiting the MotoGP headquarters as evidence that Michael is planning on entering this year's two-wheel race at Mugello – which, incidentally, is owned by Ferrari. The heads of both MotoGP and Ducati have dismissed the reports, but the prospect of Schumacher dueling with the likes of Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi on their own terms has us wondering "what if?"

[Source: F1-Live, Photo by FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty]

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