Geneva 2008: KTM's X-Bow will be there with black on

The pre-release images of the lightweight and high mileage KTM X-Bow vehicles have shown the vehicle in either the striking orange of the standard production version (see the gallery below) or the gleaming white of the limited-edition "Dallara Series." When the first production version of the X-Bow will be revealed to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, it will feature yet another color scheme: pure black.

KTM says that the completely black special edition will feature lots of carbon fiber body panels, limited slip differential and a removable steering wheel (huh?). For people who are looking forward to driving one of these lightweight buggers, the good news is that the unveiling in Geneva will timed with the start of production at KTM's facility in Graz, Austria. Press release after the jump.

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One year after the world premiere of its striking lightweight X-Bow sports car, KTM will reveal the production-ready version of the car, for the first time, at the 78th Geneva Motor Show.

The car being shown at Geneva features a number of modifications to the KTM X-Bow previously shown in concept form. The car will be a completely black, fully carbon-equipped X-Bow Dallara edition – one of just 100 being made – and features a long list of extras, including carbon-fibre body panels, a limited slip differential, a removable steering wheel and a racing chassis tuned by Italian sports car specialists Dallara. A plaque with a unique serial number and special graphics mark out the limited-run Dallara X-Bow cars, which are sure to become coveted collectors' items.

The debut of the production-ready KTM X-Bow coincides with the start of full series production of the car at a new four-wheel KTM factory in Graz, Austria. This facility has been specially created to handle the production of the X-Bow and the company's new four-wheel off-road All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs).

KTM would welcome you to join its Press Conference on 4 March at 17:30hrs, when you can hear more about the X-Bow Dallara edition and KTM's future plans.

KTM will be on Stand 2050, which is in Hall 2.

[Source: KTM]

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