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Play your tunes loud and proud

Play your tunes loud and proud.

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Car speakers may be headed the way of the 8-track

Continental's technology uses existing interior parts for hi-fi audio

First it was eight-track players, then cassette decks, antennas and CD players. Now your actual speakers might be the next features of your car audio system to disappear, The New York Times reports.

Alpine's latest receiver brings wireless CarPlay to all, for a price

It's a surprise it's taken this long to reach the aftermarket.

Queens man knows how to party, disrupts Mets game with van

There's nothing like some good tunes, an ice-cold beer, and maybe a ball game to really set the tone for a good weekend.

Cadillac previews CT6 interior and its 34 Bose speakers

Cadillac shows off a monochrome rendering of the interior in the CT6 sedan while promoting the new, 34-speaker Bose Panaray Sound System that will come with it.

Bose noise cancelling now available for cars without Bose stereos

In 2012, NXP Semiconductor released the SAF775x chip that was the first multi-tuner RFCMOS (radio frequency complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) single chip embedded with AM, FM and DAB tuners. That story for non-techies is that it could do with one chip what had been previously been done with two, and it also

We check out VW's new Fender audio systems

At the 2011 New York Auto Show we experienced the 400-watt, nine-speaker Fender premium audio system in the Volkswagen Passat, Jetta GLI and Beetle, the three models in which it will

Report: Car stereo prices set to soar

According to CE Outlook, the price of car stereo components may be on the rise. The report says that even before Japan suffered its earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters, manufacturers responsible for automotive audio equipment were already beginning to increase MSRPs. The main source of that surge came from steeper prices for metals like aluminum and copper, which are used in heat sin

Video: Chevy S-10 boom truck nearly rattles itself to death, creates new hairstyles

Chevrolet S-10 Boom Truck – Click above to watch video after the jump

Audi introduces the next MMI

If you're buying an A8 this year, prepare to spend a lot of time getting to know your new MMI system. We have consistently thought that Audi's buttons-and-knob interface is the best, and it looks like they've put an entire NASA team on the job of making it better. A seven-inch TFT screen with 800x400 resolution is now controlled by an 8-position joystick. Moving from one screen to another is done via "elegant crossfades," which sounds a bit PowerPoint-ish, but we'll wait until we see it to judge

Scion picks a partner for HD Radio

Scion has selected iBiquity Digital to provide HD Radio technology in some of its audio systems. Scion hasn't said how it plans to integrate iBiquity into Scions, or which cars will get the systems first, but the partnership marks another incursion of HD Radio into the mass market -- BMW, Ford and Jonathon Ramsey

Retro Sound radio brings modern music to your classic car

The great thing about vintage cars is, well, they're vintage cars. One of their drawbacks is vintage sound from vintage speakers and vintage playback capabilities. For those times when neither 8-tracks nor some gaudy modern stereo system will do, the Retro Sound Model One keeps things looking smartly classic.

CES 2007: The Cars of CES Part IV

In Part IV, the final installment in our CES Car Show, you get VW Beetles and a four-door GTI used as a guitar amp, a Roush Mustang, a mostly untouched (thank god!), bright red Lotus Exige and various other autos we saw around the show.

Mitsubishi cuts deal with SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Mitsubishi Motors North America announced Monday that it will offer SIRIUS radio as a standard feature or factory option, starting with four models this fall, and expanding to the full Mitsubishi product line next year. All SIRIUS-equipped vehicles will include a pre-paid six month subscription.