London will get 12 new bicycle lanes and "borough cycling zones"

While car, truck and SUV (or, better said, car, lorry and 4x4) drivers in the UK are dealing with the new congestion charges that are coming to London, bicycle riders in the country can celebrate a huge increase in bicycle spending, £140 million worth, to be exact. The trouble is, that money is the funding given to Cycling England for three years of projects in all of England.
London mayor Ken Livingstone announced this week that a dozen segregated cycling highways and "borough cycling zones" will be built in some of the many "less-traveled" routes in the city. Livingstone told Cycling Week magazine that people in his city shouldn't get mad at the space being assigned to two-wheeled, human-powered transportation.

"People shouldn't assume that this is cyclists taking something away from people with cars. This is aimed at people with cars, getting them to give up their car and actually cycle. And everybody who switches relieves road space," he said. This is the kind of plan that will actually reduce congestion, something the congestion charge is supposed to do.

[Source: Cycling Weekly via EVWorld]

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