Congestion charge up for gas guzzlers: 25 quid for a ride in Central London

Major Ken Livingstone has announced that gas guzzlers will have to pay £25 per day to enter Central London from October 27th onwards. That's a most remarkable change, because most drivers will still pay the £8 road toll for entering the zone which covers designated parts of Central and West London.
The maximum amount will be applied for those cars with CO2 emissions that exceed 225 g/km, as well as those registered before March 2001 with engines larger than 3 liters. Transport for London (TfL) estimates that up to 30,000 vehicles that fall under this new category are driven in London on a daily basis. TfL also believes that two-thirds of them won't be driven anymore under the new rules. "Nobody needs to damage the environment by driving a gas-guzzling Chelsea tractor in central London," Mr. Livingstone said.

Cars that emit fewer than 120g/km will get a 100-percent discount (as Toyota announced for its Aygo, Prius and Yaris recently and discussed in regards to EVs)

[Source: BBC News]

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