LionEV delivers first converted Ford Ranger EV (UPDATED)

Lion Electric Vehicles (the name comes from the LIthium-iON batteries the company uses in its conversions, as well as the backwards spelling, kind of, of "no oil") has delivered the first test drive all-electric Ranger to Texas. Flickr user M.Barkley has uploaded a series of photos of the delivery and if that truck isn't quite what you're looking for, Lion said that a PHEV Escape will be delivered sometime soon. If you're interested in getting an Escape PHEV (or Ranger EV) of your own, you can order one from LionEV by May 2nd. Any orders after that won't be delivered until 2009. Get your order in before the March 1 price hike, too. The current price for a Ranger EV is $29,750. Remember, these are brand new and converted Rangers, not the old Ranger EVs that Ford used to make (note the plastic wrap on the seats in some of the photos).

In the description of the photo stream, M.Barkley gushes over what this truck is like to behold:

LionEV's, 2008 Electric Ford Ranger arrived in Texas today. The truck as far as I'm concerned is a beautiful work of art. If you are interested in purchasing a BrandNew EV, LionEV is there for you! I've driven it, touched it, smelled it, and had to be literally removed from it........ I didn't want to let go of the steering wheel!

UPDATE: One of our readers has done some checking into LionEV. Read the comment below. We'll be looking into this, but for now, just a heads up.

LATER UPDATE: It's awful hard to know things for certain on the Interwebs, but the fact is that there are a lot more negative stories about LionEV than positive ones. See here (and the related web forum discussion here) and here. It's also the case that M.Barkley seems to be the only voice defending LionEV against all sorts of scam charges. I've sent LionEV a request to answer these charges. We'll see what they say.

[Source: LionEV / Flickr, h/t to Nick]

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