More Rendered Speculation: 2010 Ford Focus

Since the original was introduced, the Ford Focus – at least the American version – has gone downhill. The second-generation was as staid and boring as the first one was revolutionary, and the new third-generation model went off in the wrong direction, at least styling-wise. Meanwhile, the European versions have had us longing for inclusion. Fortunately, Ford announced that the next iteration would be a global car like the first, although speculation suggests that the US could get trunked versions while markets abroad go with the hatchback.

What you see above is said to be another rendering of what the next Focus five-door hatch could look like. As with the previous sketches we brought you a few days ago, this rendering draws heavily on the theme set forth by the Ford Verve concept. Though considerably less aggressive than the previous sketches, this could be closer to the mark, but could just as easily preview the successor for the European Galaxy-based S-Max sporty minivan.

[Source: The Hollywood Extra]

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