Rendered Speculation: 2010 Ford Focus

Ford Verve conceptFor over three years, US car buyers have soldiered on with variations on the aged first-generation Ford Focus architecture while Europeans have moved on to enjoy the much better-looking and more refined gen-two model. Ford CEO Allan Mulally has officially confirmed that the upcoming 2010 Focus will be global, meaning that our interest in the Ford compact should grow considerably. The web scribes at FoMoCo News have popped up a possible sketch of the next Focus (source unknown, so take with a grain of salt), and the three-door rendering shares a lot of design elements with its smaller sibling, the Verve (shown at right). The taut, flowing headlamps and aggressive fender bulges are similar, as is the trapezoidal theme for the lower intake. The contour of the two vehicles is also a near perfect match, with the hatch and rear windows receiving very similar angles. The Focus sketch has more pronounced side panels with a flare that stretches from behind the front wheel well all the way to the hatch, giving the larger three-door a more athletic appearance.

We're still a year or two from seeing the next Focus in the flesh, and although the FoMoCo News sketch is far from official, it's probably as reasonable a forecast as any, since we know the Verve's design language is on the way. You can check out more sketches of this possible next-gen Focus by clicking the "Read" link below. Thanks for the tip, Mbuku!

[Source: FoMoCo News]

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