eBay find of the day: Jet Electrica Ford Escort

Do you like the idea of a professional electric car conversion but can't quite swing the dough needed for an eBox? Trust us, we feel your pain. Take a look at this eBay auction for a converted Ford Escort. The conversion was done by a company known as Jet Industries, and has only traveled 12,000 miles to date. Using 16 lead acid batteries producing 96 volts and a 20 horse motor, the converted Escort can go 60 miles per hour and about 40 miles per charge. If you need more speed or more miles, additional batteries can be added because the motor and motor controller can take up to 120 volts of power.

Perhaps a Ford Escort is not the coolest car to convert to electric operation, but it's already done and is available for much less money than you could duplicate it for. The car is in Austin, Texas and is currently going for $4,250 (reserve not yet met).

[Source: eBay Motors]

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