Reva will make a new electric car every year

Reva Electric Car Company (RECC) says it will launch a new electric car by the end of the year and a new electric car (or variant) every year after that. Reva also says they have built a plant with a 33,000-unit capacity, five times their current capacity. The cars will be exported all over the world, wherever there is new interest in the environment and tax breaks, says Reva. Here is exactly what Reva's deputy chairman and chief technology officer, Chetan Kumaar Maini says:

We will launch one new vehicle and one variant every year and by the end of 2008 calendar year, we will rollout another electric car with more advanced features, and fitted with a battery that can traverse wider distance. ... Governments across different countries are offering incentives for electric vehicles. With such fiscal benefits and growing awareness, the market for these vehicles will expand globally as well as in India

Reva's electric car, the G-Wiz, is very popular in countries like the UK and Japan. G-Wiz, which actually qualifies as 4-wheelers and don't require crash testing, were upgraded last year after crash tests showed the cars were not very safe. Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, in particular, gleefully pointed out the G-Wiz's faults, at one point crashing the car into a dinning room table. The table did not move while the G-Wiz crumbled.

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