Jeremy Clarkson takes on the Reva G-Wiz

Host of the British car show Top Gear might reasonably called the John C Dvorak of automotive journalism. Love him or hate him, he's never dull. He can be something of a curmudgeon and he's usually controversial. Clarkson is a gentleman of considerable height and he recently had the misfortune of testing a Reva G-Wiz.

We've written about the Reva on several occasions including our own Xavier who had an opportunity to drive one recently. Aside from being battery powered, it doesn't really seem to have much to recommend it. Clarkson doesn't hold back in his assessment for the Times of London. About the best thing he has to say about it is that it does have a radio. Clarkson sums up the performance and size with "this is the first car I've driven that seems to have no top speed at all. It's like walking, only less comfortable." Check out the rest of his review at the Read link.

[Source: Times of London]

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