gives us a nice nine minute video about what it's like to drive two small all-electric cars in the streets of London: the NICE Mega City and the G-wiz.

The G-wiz feels punchier, the reviewer says, but the Mega City's interior is roomier and feels more like a standard petrol car. The NICE Mega City doesn't have power steering, though, which he says makes handling a bit difficult. Driving the G-wiz "feels like a video game" and he's awful skeptical of the claim that it's a four seater, even though the G-wiz owner interviewed for the bit explains that her family of four fits in just fine, especially since they know they'll never be going very far. They make a bit of a compromise inside the car for a better outside. We also pay a visit to London's free electric charging stations.

All in all, the reviewer is pretty impressed with these cars in the city, but watch for yourself. Remember, too, there are safety issues with the tiny G-wiz.

[Source: YouTube, h/t to Linton]

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