Spy Shot: Euro Honda Accord Tourer snapped at pump

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In case you didn't know, the Acura TSX sold in the U.S. is basically the same car as the European version of the Honda Accord. So when we see spy shots of the old country's new Accord, we're interested because we're looking at the next TSX for us. This image was sent into us by Autoblog reader bojan with not much information, but it's clear that we're looking at the 2009 Honda Accord Tourer (wagon) for Europe. The car's shape is based on the Accord Tourer Concept that was shown by the automaker at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September. Since there's virtually no covering, we can make all those bits that Honda showed use in a series of teaser images it released late last month. It's shaping up to be one extremely sharp wagon, which we'll get to see in person next month at the Geneva Motor Show. Even though we'll get the sedan version of this car over here in the States as the next Acura TSX, the tourer model will likely remain beyond our reach and not offered in the U.S.

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