Geneva '08 Preview: Teaser images of Euro Honda Accord released

click above for more high-res teaser images of the Euro Honda Accord

Honda plans to unveil the new European-spec Accord at the Geneva Motor Show in early March, and a batch of teaser images previewing the vehicle have surfaced on the web today. They show the European Accord Tourer model, which is the station wagon version based on the Honda Accord Tourer Concept that was unveiled at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

We like the few design details that we can make out from the teaser images. Note the sharp new shape of the headlights, the chrome door handles that look like medieval hand-to-hand combat weapons and the subtly flared fenders. Very nice. And it's a good thing we like what we see so far since the European Honda Accord is basically the same car as the Acura TSX sold in the U.S. Thus, what we see in Honda's booth at the Geneva Auto Show in a couple months is what we can expect in Acura dealers shortly thereafter. Except for the Accord Tourer model, that is. Interest in wagons in the U.S. is notoriously low and responsible for the demise of the wonderful Dodge Magnum and still-born Pontiac G8 Wagon, so don't expect a TSX Sportwagon anytime soon.

The new European Accord will also be the first application of Honda's new 2.2L four-cylinder i-DTEC diesel engine that we saw at the Detroit Auto Show this year. It will also make its first U.S. appearance in the Acura TSX.

UPDATE: Teaser video of the new Euro-spec Honda Accord added after the jump.

[Source: Carscoop]

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