Frankfurt 2007: Honda Accord Tourer previews Accord Wagon

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Although just a concept, the Honda Accord Tourer signals Honda's hopes to build a real, genuine, honest-to-goodness station wagon tourer on the Accord platform again. Honda says it plans on building something that will look a lot like this estate by the middle of next year and we hope they aren't lying. This is one of the swoopiest wagons we've seen in a while. Particularly at the rear, it has some beautiful lines that are elegant and sporty, and downright sexy. It makes us think of an Alfa Romeo, which is a good thing. This concept changes very little of the new Accord as we know it, stretching the track and width a bit to help with cargo space and handling. It will feature the 2.0- and 2.4-liter gas engines, as well as Honda's 2.2-liter diesel, as options when it goes into production, which means it will be a full all-Euro 5-compliant vehicle across the board. Honda says we'll see the final version at Geneva and we can't wait. Hopefully a U.S. version will be in the plans as well.

[Source: Honda]

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