Report: global market for PHEV will reach 130,000 by 2015

In seven years, how many plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will be sold worldwide? It's funny I ask that because there's a report by Frost & Sullivan predicting sales of 130,000 PHEVs worldwide by 2015. The report, titled Global Market Analysis of Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, includes strategic recommendations, technology roadmaps, adoption timescales, market size and forecasts, detailed breakdown by regions and OEMs for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles ... and it also costs a little under ten grand.

I did not buy it but I think I will take a shot at trying to figure out how they got to 130,000 PHEVs. GM will have sold the Volt for four years and they say tens of thousands a year (40,000). GM also say they will sell their Saturn Vue plug-ins which should be high volume as well (30,000). Five years after releasing only to fleets, Toyota should start to ramp up sales (30,000). Add in a few plug-ins hybrids from Ford and a few other major volume auto makers (30,000) and you get to that worldwide units PHEVs sold number of 130,000 in 2015.

[Source: Frost & Sullivan]

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