Last fall, we were trying to keep track of the numbers that GM and others were talking about for the annual production runs of the Chevy Volt. Bob Lutz was saying the company wanted to make between "60,000 and 100,000" in the first year, while others called 60,000 "totally ridiculous." Now we're in early 2008 and the current number is "tens of thousands" of Chevy Volts annually, according to Reuters.

GM's vice president for global program management, Jon Lauckner, said yesterday - while calling for tax incentives for next-generation automotive batteries - that "We're talking about large numbers - in the tens of thousands. It's not a niche market." Still, "Lauckner said GM is not betting that gasoline prices will remain stable or go down and that consumers globally will rally around the Volt," writes Reuters reporter John Crawley.

GM is still talking about starting production of the Volts by the end of 2010, so we should have less than three years to wait. Sigh.

[Source: Reuters]

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