Chicago 2008: International introduces the LoneStar Class 8 big rig

click above for more high-rez images of the International LoneStar

We give International full credit this daring design that we spied uncovered earlier this year. Still, it appears as though it's taken a giant leap back three decades with the new Class 8 International LoneStar. International said its mission was to create a big rig that married aerodynamic efficiency with a unique look and a wide range of customization. Having asked truckers what they wanted, apparently customization means 'more cowbell lights and chrome.' As upright and retro Lite Brite as the design might be, it still gets gas mileage as good as the best aerodynamic semis on the market, according to International.

Inside, the cabin evokes the kind of ergonomic class that could have been meant for the outside -- the sleeper has hardwood flooring for that at-home feeling. The truck comes with 42 factory options, 23 inside, 19 outside, and International itself said it wants to create the same kind of aftermarket following that MINI and Harley currently enjoy. If nothing else, the LoneStar is a rig more than worthy of Lone Starr.

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