Spy Shots: International LoneStar Class 8 tractor

Click image for 5 more shots of the LoneStar

Big rigs are awesome. We freely admit that this isn't our area of expertise, but when something particularly cool and truck-related comes along, we're more than happy to share. Thanks to an Autoblog reader named Johnny, who sent in the photos you see here, something cool indeed came along.

We don't know if the pair of rigs you see are concepts or a new production model that's set to debut sometime soon. The Mid-America Trucking Show -- the biggest show in the industry -- is coming up in March, so these might be headed there. Our submitter at first thought that they might just be show vehicles, but some details lead him to believe that this could be a new production model sporting a nifty new hood design. The thing that has our tipster thinking "production" is that different sleeper configs are shown. The silver rig's is taller and incorporates a large fairing, while the black one's is less pronounced. Aside from the swoopy front end, the layout seems conventional, with exposed fuel tanks and the like. The final clue that these may be upcoming production trucks is on the rear mud flap of the black rig, which has something like "LongStar" or "LoadStar" emblazoned on it. (It's LoneStar -- see update below.) Most of International's trucks have "Star" nomenclature, and the "Star" moniker on the pictured vehicle is not one currently in use. We'll have to wait and see what plays out in the coming weeks, but one thing's certain: these things are bitchin'.

Thanks for the photos, Johnny!

UPDATE: According to commenter FC, the trucks are examples of International's new Class 8 flagship tractor, the LoneStar, will will be officially premiered at the Chicago Auto Show next month. Sadly, we don't think one of these will fit in the Autoblog Garage. Thanks, FC!

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