Is Fiat's "Eco pack" greenwashing or the right direction for the car industry to go?

Later this year in the UK buyers of Fiat's Bravo can pay just £300 ($595 US dollars) for the optional "Eco" pack. What's in the "Eco" Pack? The package includes low rolling resistance tires, longer gear ratios and different setting for the car's computer. All that eco-pack-goodness adds up to an improvement of 5 MPG which brings the turbo diesel Bravo to 62 MPG.

Fiat's "Eco" Pack is probably the least amount I have seen a car company do to make a car more fuel efficient and put a label of on it. The package does nothing special like make the car Euro5 compliant but at least they don't stick a logo on the car saying it's green now. I guess it's a good thing they are offering green upgrades but why not make the "Eco" pack standard?

Hm. Am I being too hard on Fiat or is this a great idea other car companies should replicate?

[Source: Autocar]

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