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The engine camshaft has to turn at precisely half the crankshaft speed.

Step 2: Press the clutch pedal to the floor with your left foot and release the gas pedal.

If you drive a car with a manual transmission, your car has a clutch.

Simple machines are single, mechanical devices that help improve the daily life of humans by allowing them to work faster, easier, and more efficiently.

You typically hear people talking about gearing or gear ratios when speaking about muscle cars.

The shift selector cable puts the transmission into the proper gear, which is indicated by the shift selector that it has been moved by the driver.

A clutch cable is the steel braided cable found on manual transmission vehicles that connects the transmission clutch linkage to the clutch pedal mechanism.

The transmission converts the power from the engine into motion so the vehicle can move.

The gear shifter allows the vehicle to be put into different gears on a manual transmission.

Aspiring mechanics spend hours learning about how main gears and planetary gears work in a car transmission, so a full dissertation simply isn’t possible within this relatively brief article.

There’s nothing quite like transmission problems to stress out the average car owner.

Transmission fluid lubricates all the moving parts of your car transmission, and in an automatic transmission, it also acts as a coolant and viscous fluid that delivers engine power to the transmission.

It’s a fact of life that a car clutch will almost certainly wear out before your car does.

The clutch in a car transmission is what works to engage and disengage the drive shaft’s moving parts.

An automatic transmission allows a vehicle engine to operate within a narrow speed range, just like a manual transmission does.

A manual transmission helps a vehicle achieve a desired speed through the use of gears, a clutch, and a shifter.

Direct drive is a type of transmission that allows for better gear shifting within a motor vehicle.

The 308, one of the toughest competitors in the European compact hatchback market, is getting some improvements that increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Later this year in the UK buyers of Fiat's Bravo can pay just £300 ($595 US dollars) for the optional "Eco" pack. What's in the "Eco" Pack? The package includes low rolling resistance tires, longer gear ratios and different setting for the car's computer. All that eco-pack-goodness adds up to an improvement of 5 MPG which brings the turbo diesel Bravo to 62 MPG.