The Taj Ma Garaj: A Porsche lover's Xanadu

It's amazing the adventures a broken tie rod in an unfamiliar town can lead to. Hokey Ass Message Board member Hotrodladycrusr was traveling from Michigan to Tennessee when her "cop car," a 1997 Grand Marque, suffered the suspension malady. She called a friend she knew only from the Internet who gave her a place to stay the night, and the next day they got the big car back on the road.

But before she left town, Ms. Crusr got an invite to check out the Taj Ma Garaj in Dayton, Ohio. Autoblog readers in that town will surely know it, the rest of us get to be amazed.

The Taj Ma Garaj is 20,000 square feet of mostly Porsches and VWs, the likes of which are astounding. There are so many German-engineered cars, they're literally coming out of the walls. The men's bathroom features Porsche engine covers as stall dividers, and we're loving that door with the Porsche logo carved into it. The Speedster turned wagon, the Kreuzer, however, we can do without.

The cars are John Dixon's personal collection, but he rents the warehouse out for private events, and it can hold 600 people. We hope one day we'll be invited to one of those parties. Until then, enjoy the photos at the Garaj's site as well as those posted at Jalopy Journal by Hotrodladycrusr. That's who took these three, by the way.

[Source: Taj Ma Garaj via Jalopy Journal via Garage Journal]

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