Maserati preparing 911-killer?

It looks like Jaguar isn't the one with its sites set on the Porsche 911, as Maserati may have plans to bring a new sports coupe to market in the €80-90,000 price range. The revelation comes straight from the horse's mouth: Maserati CEO Roberto Ronchi outlined that his company will decide on a new model sometime this quarter, with an eye towards market introduction over a broad window of 18 to 36 months from then.

Ronchi knows that in order to achieve its sales target of 12,000 units in 2011, his company will need an additional model. Although an SUV to compete with the Cayenne was tipped to be the way forward, Ronchi says a new sportscar positioned underneath the GranTurismo, which grew significantly in size over the Coupe it effectively replaced, is the better choice. The design students from Turin just might have the right idea with their upcoming Chicane concept.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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