Audi counting down to new era that starts at kickoff

Audi has updated its U.S. website with a short video that features a counter ticking the time away "until the moment of truth." The seconds flying by lead up to the date and time of Super Bowl XLII this Sunday. Below is a short message that says, "On February 3, 2008, over 140 million TV viewers will witness the start of a new era. Register now for your exclusive sneak preview... and more."

While the video only shows dark glimpses of the R8's wheel and headlight, something tells us Audi has big things planned for its very expensive Godfather-themed Super Bowl commercial. Registering on Audi's website will get you a free sneak preview of the ad on the morning of the Super Bowl, so we have, of course, already signed up and will let you know what we see.

While tipsters are telling us that an R8 Cabrio may debut in the ad, we've found no hard evidence to back this up. Instead, we expect the ad to introduce a new image of Audi to American consumers. Audi lacks the prestige and cachet of brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the United States, and from what Scott Keogh, marketing head for Audi of America, has already revealed, it sounds as if the German brand will position its German competitors as old farts compared to the new hotness that is Audi. Thanks to everyone who sent us this tip!

[Source: Audi]

BONUS! We've included a high-res preview gallery of the 2008 Audi R8 that we've just had in the Autoblog Garage. Our review of the R8 is coming soon, so enjoy this sneak preview in the mean time.

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