VIDEO: Japanese machine sucks snow, s***s bricks

So it's not enough to have a little machine to vacuum our houses. Now the Japanese have invented a machine that sucks the streets clean of snow. Wait, that's not Japanese enough. They've invented a bright yellow robot that clears snow by compressing it into 2-foot-long bricks that it expels out its rear end. Yes, it literally ... you know.

Measuring about 5 feet long and two and a half feet tall, Yuki-taro is an automatic, robotic snowplow developed over the last several years by researchers in Niigata, Japan. The cute little snow-sucker uses cameras and GPS to find its way, and, we assume, the bright yellow paint to warn traffic and pedestrians.

Given a few more years, they hope to have commercial models available for under 1 million yen (under $10,000 U.S.) Watch Yuki-taro in action after the jump.

[Sources: Pink Tentacle, YouTube]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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