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This in a complex where a studio apartment costs $1 million

This in a complex where a studio apartment costs $1 million


Leaf decline, Model 3 delay offset gains by GM, Honda

The Tesla Model 3 production delay is a factor, too


'Drive Sustainability' alliance to invest in ethical mining of cobalt, graphite and lithium.

Partners include BMW, Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford, Honda and Toyota.

Los Angeles

Union protesting what it says are plans to reduce workforce.

Hyundai has been in talks with the union since October on production of the Kona, which it hopes will reverse a U.S. sales slump.


New facility is twice the size.

Watch a handful of Lucid Air prototypes take to the streets.


46 people injured by second-row seats that can tip forward under braking

Honda is working on a fix.


It's only a problem in a very specific situation.

Wear your seat belt.


One idea: Build a premium electric car under the Pininfarina brand to compete with Tesla.

Mahindra is a major tractor manufacturer and has been building EVs for years.


The push from Foxconn is part of preparations for a new $10 billion flat-screen factory.

"Where's the autonomous vehicle lane?"


Jon Wagner is hiring at his new stealth startup.

He was involved in automotive and stationary batteries.


Toyota turns positive, offsetting a tepid month from Ford.

Plug-in and hybrid demand edges up as Toyota, GM and Honda gains offset slowing Ford growth, Leaf decline.


Besides the W-15 electric pickup, Workhorse is developing delivery drones, a personal flying machine, and what could be the next USPS mail truck.

Reinventing how we move people and products around is a big job.


We talk to the man beating Tesla to the punch by electrifying the truck world.

"It's the most complicated thing we've done."


Both have unique paint, but only one has vibranium-powered core indicator nodes.

One has a lot of fictional features.


There's not really a need for it here

We're sticking with the same old badging scheme.


The Porsche Cars North America President and CEO tells us about his first American car.

'Well, we've got $1,000. What can we have?'


A Focus in every flavor from street to rally

Three of the cars are based on the Focus RS, one is based on an ST.


It has a history dating back to the early 1900s.

A cool opportunity if you want to start a bike company.


The Porsche buffet is open to you for a monthly fee. Insurance, taxes, maintenance and delivery included.

It's only in the pilot stage in Atlanta.


Fatal accidents up 5.6 percent, but distracted driving is actually down.

Surprisingly, there is some good news.