Brammo's greenhouse gas calculator now in beta mode

Brammo sent out an email to people who've registered at the Enertia bike website about the beta version of a greenhouse gas calculator. I assume this is the precursor to the technology that Brammo representatives told AutoblogGreen about in December whereby Enertia bikes will connect to the Internet and tell owners (and others in a social networking sort of space) how much CO2 the rider has saved compared to other methods of transportation. In the current version, you manually input your route and then see how much you save in CO2 emissions and fuel if you were riding an Enertia today. If you register, you can save routes and access other features. I haven't spent enough time to see if this is indeed an option, but there should certainly be a way to add all your driving for a year together to get an annual total.
While no one can buy an Enertia quite yet, we do know what it's like to take one for a spin. To find out, click on the box below:

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We appreciate your interest in the Brammo Enertia.

During our efforts to bring the Enertia to market, we have run across some common questions from potential owners as well as the media. Everyone wants to know: How Green IS the Enertia? How much carbon dioxide is produced in creating the electricity that charges the Enertia? How much carbon does my current daily driver car emit? What is my fuel savings if I drive the Enertia to work half of the time?

In response to these questions, we have built our Green House Gas Calculator (beta version!) with the hope that by providing tools that help educate people on their carbon footprint, we can move consumer awareness forward. Whether you buy an Enertia motorcycle to reduce green house gases, reduce your fuel bill, or just for the fun of it, our Green House Gas Calculator will help you understand the impact an Enertia motorcycle could have on yourself and your environment.

We have built this tool with the hopes of making it both educational and useful, but we need your help! If you have a moment to visit the Beta version of the calculator, please Visit it here.

If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, please send an email to

Also, if you have not reserved your Enertia from the upcoming production run, you can do so by visiting this link, it costs you nothing now and it puts you in the queue to be one of the first to enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles for commuting.

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