EVS23: A ride on the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle? Sweet (video)

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The bike I rode is just a prototype, with carbon-fiber panels and a bunch of guys standing around when watching. What will you get for your $11,995 when the bike is ready for sale next year? Well, the production panels will be aluminum, for one thing (except on the initial 99 bikes), and Brammo might swap the reliable chain out for a quieter belt. All Enertias will have lithium iron phosphate batteries from Valence, but you might be able to upgrade these in the future when technology changes. The bike will also have a WiFi port to communicate with your account on the Brammo website. From there, you can download upgrades, upload where you rode the bike (it has a GPS chip) and calculate how much CO 2 you've saved (compared to a car, for example)

The day before my ride, I interviewed Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher on the EVS expo floor (see video below). He said that the reason for making an all-electric motorcycle is that that's what the technology can handle today. Cars, he said, are still a few years off. "If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride this motorcycle," he told me. I can vouch for that, and it's a sweet, sweet upgrade.

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