The Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle

From the looks of the above video, there is one thing that Brammo definitely got right with their new electric bike, the Enertia: the looks. I really think that this is an attractive machine, with the leather saddle and all the carbon bits. The rest of the components make the bike appear better finished than many other electric motorcycles\bicycles that I have seen. I include bicycles in this comparison because it is likely that some of the components on this machine come from the mountain bike realm.

It is absolutely essential to keep the weight to a minimum on a machine such as this, which is why I would not be surprised to see mountain bike bits. Along with that, carbon fiber pieces also keep the weight down. Even the frame appears to be made completely from carbon fiber, which undoubtedly will keep the price above other choices. In some cases, you get what you pay for... I would need to take this one for a ride before I could pass judgment.

According to The Kneeslider, the initial series of bikes will cost just under $15 grand. That is a rather large sum. It bears mentioning that the Vectrix scooter will cost less, and may even perform better. The price will go down to a bit under $12 grand shortly, with a different series of machines.


  • 50 mph top speed
  • 45 mile range
  • 3 hour full recharge time
  • 76.8 volts from 6 Valence LiPo batteries

[Source: Brammo Motorsports, The Kneeslider and Hugg, thanks Linton]

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