The Washington Auto Show is underway and ends this Sunday, January 29th. Just a reminder, if you can't make it, tell me what you want to see and I will find it at the show. For example, great, green cars like plug-in Prius and Volt are on the show floor. What do you want me to ask the people manning the booth about these cars? Questions that involve pointing out something on the car would be best because the car is on the show floor and I want to include the car in the videos of responses to your questions.

The video above is a preview of the first day of the show. Media, including myself, were shuffled around a number of press conferences. The video includes: fuel cell Equinox test drivers, GM North America Sales VP Mark LaNeve explaining why they are advertising the Volt now, Ford saying they could make a plug-in hybrid right now but it would get 7 miles in electric only mode, and the Chrysler press conference. The video also includes Green Car Journal's green car award and the Green Car Summit. The Green Car Summit was actually interrupted by a fire alarm.

Anyway, don't forget to post your questions, the show only has three days left.

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