Is this the perfect green vehicle? A street legal, 50 MPH, 72 MPG, $5,495 ... TRUCK?!

Why doesn't a company just make a small, useful vehicle that moves at highway speeds? They could get around the cost of complying with safety restrictions by making it three wheeled. Maybe someone has! The WF250-C sold by Wild Fire Motors has three wheels, gets 72 miles per gallon and costs just $5,495.00. It's "street legal" according to the Wild Fire web page; the EPA certification says it's a "highway motorcycle."

I don't think it's a low speed vehicle restricted to neighborhoods but I don't see seat belts and 17 horses probably won't get you on the highway safely. Anyway, in concept, is this the perfect green vehicle? Okay, maybe a little more power for slightly higher speeds, electric motors and an air bag or two would be nice. But isn't this the direction that companies like Zap, Miles, Tata and Aptera are going?

[Source: Wild Fire Motors]

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