Private Dancer: Tina Turner's Mercedes-powered Lambo LM002

Tina Turner is one of the most successful performing and recording artists of all time. She's won eight Grammies, hit the Billboard Top 10 seven times and sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer in history. Unfortunately she never learned how to drive stick, but having sold over 180 million records, she could well afford (and as The Queen of the Rock & Roll could hardly afford not) to buy a Lamborghini. So Turner bought an LM002, the Lamborghini of sport-utility vehicles, and had the original Countach V12 ripped out and swapped for a V8 out of a Mercedes E500 with an automatic transmission.

Naturally, the retrofit also included a thumpin' entertainment system, including a 1500-Watt Blaupunkt stereo and a whole load of lights and mirrors. The conversion originally cost twice the value of the truck itself, at 150,000 deutschemarks. The truck has been workin' for the man every night and day ever since, but now it could be your very own private dancer, a dancer for money: the vehicle is on the market for ??179,000. Seems like a fair price for a unique and storied vehicle: we've seen Lamborghini-powered Audis, but never a Mercedes-powered Lambo.

[Source: Autobild via German Car Blog]

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