Engadget posts picture of GEM electric truck on fire

Our Engadget buddies have posted a picture of a GEM electric truck on fire. There is really no explanation with the article except "GEM neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) burning peacefully on the UC Riverside campus, January 15th, 2008." The post is titled "And you thought that laptop fire sucked..." and some comments have concluded it's a fire caused by the electric car's battery or wiring.

TG Daily is reporting that the UC "campus Police Department said it could have been a test burn." TG Daily also says GEM cars have started two other fires. If I were GEM, I would look into this one quickly because the post has over 400 diggs, more than 60 comments at Engadget and, while shocking, the picture is kinda cool. That's the perfect recipe to start a very bad rumor about GEM's cars.

[Source: Engadget thanks to tipster Remy]

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