Canada plans new fuel economy standards at least as good as U.S.

Canada's response to America's latest energy legislation and CAFE standards: a resounding "Meh, whatever. Call us when you're serious." The land of the maple leaf has declared that the new U.S. standards simply don't go far enough. Said the nation's transport minister, "We welcome the U.S. goal, but are committed to developing made-in-Canada standards that achieve - at minimum - that same target in Canada."
What kind of goal do they have in mind? Well... they haven't really said. But there will be a 60-day consultation period while the government holds pow wows with various groups, clans and businesses, and then they will come up with... something... that will take effect for the 2011 model year. No word on whether Dick Cheney has been invited to attend the sessions.

Of course, no announcement that "Those guys didn't do enough, so we're going to do it right" would be complete without fifteen follow-up announcements claiming that "You guys aren't doing enough, either!" Quebec, which is already playing the role of Canada's California in trying to set emissions rules that are more stringent than federal standards, has said "setting fuel efficiency standards alone doesn't go far enough." The Sierra Club says the delay to implementing the new rules -- to 2011, mind you -- is still too long. And the auto industry is saying that if you want it, fine, but you're going to pay for it. It looks like the quest for the greenest mile is going to bring quite a bit of heat to the frozen north.

[Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corp]

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