ADAC awards VW a "Yellow Angel" for DSG transmission

If you have one of Volkswagen's new DSG transmissions in your Golf, Golf Estate, Golf Plus or Jetta, then you also have the 2008 "Yellow Angel" award from ADAC under the hood. ADAC, the German automobile club, awarded the "Gelber Engel" prize to VW's Dual clutch transmission this week and VW Group CEO Prof. Martin Winterkorn accepted the award by saying that:
We have already sold more than one million cars with 6-speed DSG technology and in so doing have triggered a boom for automatic gearboxes. Thanks to DSG, a growing number of customers is choosing this intelligent automatic transmission even in compact-class cars. We have been running extra shifts at our components plant in Kassel to satisfy the demand. No wonder, given that this comfortable DSG technology is faster, more fuel efficient and sportier than any other gearbox technology. The highly efficient combination of TDI and TSI with super automatic DSG transmission is indisputably the only system of its kind anywhere in the world. We are now taking this success story to the next level with our new 7-speed DSG. And we are very honoured by the fact that the ADAC jury has clearly recognised the potential of this technology and awarded it the prize based on its sincere conviction.

[Source: VW]

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