Volkswagen has added a new 7-speed DSG transmission to the European-market Golf and Golf Plus models. DSG or Direct-Shift-Gearbox is VW's branding for dual-clutch gearboxes. The new 7-speed unit will be the first DSG unit used by VW with dry clutches rather than wet plates. The dry clutch system helps improve efficiency with fuel consumption reduced by 0.7L/100km. This new DSG has a torque capacity of 184 lb-ft and will be paired up with 1.4L TSI and 1.9L TDI engines. The €1,750 option price for the 7-speed also brings along other features like hill-assist. When the vehicle detects that the car is on an incline the brakes stay applied after removing the foot from the pedal until the accelerator is pressed. Like current VW DSG units, this one is made by Borg-Warner.

[Source: Volkswagen]

Volkswagen's first 7-speed DSG for Golf and Golf Plus

Wolfsburg, 20 December 2007 - The bestseller shifts up a gear. Following sales of around 1 million units, Volkswagen's intelligent DSG automatic gearbox is now not only available with six, but also with seven gears. The first 7-speed DSG is now available for the Golf and Golf Plus with the 1.4 TSI and 1.9 TDI engines. This represents a milestone in the gearbox strategy of the Volkswagen Group.

It is the values of efficiency, temperament and sportiness that make the DSG such a lasting success. Even today, the installation rate of the intelligent automatic is 25 percent in the Touran. Volkswagen will initially be offering the 7-speed DSG in the Golf and Golf Plus, with prices starting at 1,750 euro.

The new 7-speed automatic gearbox is based on two premieres: Firstly, it is the first DSG for front-traverse installation. Secondly, it is the first with clutches that are not immersed in oil, but which run "dry". This allows the latest Volkswagen DSG to achieve an even greater level of efficiency. The maximum torque that can be transmitted is up to 250 newton-meters.

The new unit will initially start series production in the Golf and Golf Plus, and is available for the 1.4 TSI engine (90 kW), previously only available with a manual gearbox, and for the 1.9 TDI engine (77 kW). A hill-start assist system is included in the price with both of these engines. This holds the vehicle still by temporarily "freezing" the brake pressure when the footbrake is released. And the efficient fuel consumption of a diesel engine means that the new 7-speed DSG can save you real money. The fuel consumption figures for the Golf / Golf Plus 1.9 TDI are 0.7 litres per 100 km lower than they are with the 6-speed DSG.

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