EU calls on F1 to switch to four-cylinders, bio-fuels and hybrids

The European Parliament has called for Formula One to adopt more environmentally-friendly engine alternatives, and the FIA seems to be all for it.

The CARS 21 report, passed with 607 EU legislators in favor, 76 against and 14 abstentions, praised the FIA's actions to make F1 greener, but called on the sanctioning body to do more. The report concluded by calling on the FIA to revise its formula to include "environmentally friendly technologies like bio-fuels, four-cylinder engines or hybrid". FIA president Max Mosley, who has been vocal in his desire to make F1 greener, subsequently issued a statement supporting the EU report.

Several racing series - including A1GP, ALMS, Champ Cars and IndyCars - are now running on bio-fuels, and Formula One has been toying with electric hybrid regenerative braking technologies. As we reported earlier, the moratorium on engine development in F1 was shortened from ten years to five, and the FIA is preparing to launch a new engine formula within the next couple of years. If regulatory bodies like the EU and the FIA get their way, F1 cars in a few years could be powered by four-cylinder electric-ethanol hybrids.

[Source: Autosport]

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