Land Rover certainly didn't spare any expense when it came time to build a video screen to announce the debut of the Land Rover LRX concept SUV. For some Jeep-like reason, the organizers also thought that including fake rain and a pseudo-thunder storm was a good idea. As we wrote the other day, the LRX emits 120 grams of CO2 per kilometer using a turbodiesel hybrid powertrain and is Land Rover's second-ever concept vehicle (and the company has been around for 60 years). As Land Rover's managing director Phil Popham says in the video above, the company likes its concepts to mean something, and the company is ready to listen to the public on opinions about the LRX. If the gallery of pictures isn't enough to make up your mind, then check out the ten-minute video for more info. When you do, you certainly won't be able to miss the huge-normous video screen behind the stage.

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