Video: GM's fuel cell E-Flex at CES

The video above is a look at GM's fuel cell E-Flex model on display at CES 2008. The model is a "cut-away" which allows you to get a close look at E-Flex's lithium-ion battery, the hydrogen containers, and the electric motors. It doesn't look like much has changed since the last time we showed you the concept from the Shanghai Auto Show. The video does include a good close up of the "quick start" button which lets the car drive the motors directly from the fuel cell tanks instead of the batteries. GM's fuel cell mode button kinda reminds me of Toyota's EV mode button. Except Toyota's button changes the type of motor driving the car while GM's FC button just changes the fuel. Who mighy care? I guess all those hydrogen purists in the next decade. I hate them already.

[Source: Scientific American]

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